Water Supply Upgrade Lending Program

Council of the Municipality of the District of Yarmouth has recently developed and passed a Water Supply Upgrade Lending Program By-law. The Municipality recognizes that climate change is beginning to affect us all in many ways; a recent manifestation of this has been extremely dry conditions during the summer months which in turn has created unprecedented well water supply issues for some of our residents. To try to assist with this, Council has developed this financial tool. It is designed to help those in most need by making available financing, with certain conditions, directly through the Municipality of Yarmouth, that can be used to remediate their well water supply situation.

To review the by-law and learn about the conditions, details, application process and more on how the Water Supply Upgrade Lending Program works, please go to the following link:

Water Supply Upgrade Lending Program By-law and Registration Form

Council of the Municipality is acutely aware of the growing climate change phenomena and will continue to pro-actively develop tools and mitigation strategies aimed at protecting our region and our residents as we learn more about how it is impacting us.