Water Shortage Initiatives

Municipality of the District of Yarmouth

September 2018


The following initiatives are currently in place:

  • Municipality of Yarmouth residents can acquire, when available, free of charge, water tokens (1 per civic number/week) for residential use only. These tokens are available at the Town of Yarmouth office, 400 Main Street, for 250 litre water fills ups at the Lake George Road Water Tower.  To keep tokens in circulation, you are encouraged to use the tokens as soon as possible.  Municipality of Yarmouth residents will be required to provide their name/civic address/phone number and current water status (do you have water in your well and if yes how much?).
  • The Mariners Centre is offering their showers to anyone who may wish to use them.  They are open 7 days a week and most days well into the evening.  Please bring your own towels/soap.  They post their hours on their facebook page in regular intervals. Check their facebook page for an updated schedule.

  • The Mariners Centre is offering to fill large containers at their Zamboni fill station at rear of complex.  Please bring your container and arena staff will be happy to assist you.

  • If you are out of water or experiencing a water shortage, we want to hear from you.  This information will be used to request assistance from the Province.  Please contact the Municipality of Yarmouth at 902-742-7159 and provide information on your current water status.

  • The Municipality of Yarmouth currently has a Water Supply Upgrade Lending Program By-Law which was adopted to provide provisions for owners of qualifying properties located within the Municipality of Yarmouth to apply for financing of a water supply upgrade to their property.  The by-law and registration form can be found at:


  • Four 4-litre jugs of water per civic number, per day, are available for pickup at the following locations:

  1. Dayton Red & White - Dayton
  2. Carleton Country Outfitters - Carleton
  3. Arcadia Convenience Store - Arcadia
  • Residents are asked to leave their contact information when picking up water.


  • Non-potable water will be available at th’YARC located at the former Arcadia School from 8 am – 9 pm 7days a week.

Water haulers/laundromats:

Paul’s Water Service Limited – 902-762-2785

K.D. Wash and Dry Laundry – 902-742- 0468

Rose’s Wash & Go – 902- 742-3286

Milton Coin Laundry – 902-742-0000

  • The ‘Weymouth spring’ located in front of the former Jones Bottling Company in Weymouth is always open to the public and at no cost.


We encourage neighbours to look out for one another and assist each other where possible.