Economic Development Council Five Year Strategic Economic Development Plan

The Economic Development Council of South West Nova (EDCSWN) represents a region of nine constituent municipalities.  They include:

  • Municipal District of Clare       
  • Municipal District of Shelburne        
  • Town of Shelburne        
  • Municipal District of Barrington
  • Town of Clarks's Harbour         
  • Town of Lockeport            
  • Town of Yarmouth           
  • Municipal District of Yarmouth     
  • Municipal District of Argyle

These communities are a unique area of Nova Scotia and Canada.  Located at the south west tip of Nova Scotia, the area is surrounded by three water bodies:  the Bay of Fundy, the Gulf of Maine and the Atlantic Ocean.  The immediate proximity to the sea makes for a very large shoreline that connects the area to an international shipping system.  The main provincial highways that pass through the geographic area are provincial highways 101 and 103.  Collector roads 203 and 340 make the inland communities accessible.  South West Nova is largely rural, but urban centres such as Yarmouth and Shelburne serve as regional commercial centres.

The region's primary industry has been built on fisheries.  Unfortunately, this region has experienced population decline over the previous years as many young people have sought employment opportunities in Ontario and Western Canada.  However, there are a number of actions that the EDCSWN and stakeholders can take over the next five years to sustain the local economy and livelihood of the residential population.

To view the Economic Development Council South West Nova Five Year Strategic Economic Development Plan, click here.