Property Tax Sale

The Municipality conducts an annual tax sale in late February, early March.  Once the properties have been advertised, detailed descriptions of the properties may be viewed at the Municipal office in Hebron during regular business hours, however we do not guarantee the accuracy of these property descriptions.  It is advisable to consult with a lawyer before purchasing a property. Terms of the sale - taxes and rates, interest and expenses to be paid at the time of the sale by cash, interact, money order or certified cheque. The balance of the purchase price, if any, to be paid within three (3) business days of sale by cash, interact, money order or certified cheque. 

Bidding will commence with the sums specified on the handouts on the date of the sale, which cover outstanding rates and taxes, interest to this date and expenses.  Successful bidders must pay immediately in cash, interact, money order, certified funds or lawyer's trust cheque, the total sum to cover the taxes, interest and expenses. The balance of the bid must be paid in like manner within three (3) business days of sale.

Purchasers must be aware that owners of the property or any person having an interest in the land or any person for the benefit of the owner may, within six (6) months of the sale, redeem the property by payment of sums listed under Section 152 of the Municipal Government Act.

Purchasers should also be aware in Sections 151 of the Municipal Government Act, it implies that purchasers do not have absolute rights in the six months when redemption may occur and, therefore, are cautioned to only preserve and not alter the property.  Any repairs require written permission of the Chief Administrative Officer.  A copy of these rights will be emailed to the purchaser along with the "Certificate of Sale".  If no bids are made, the Chief Administrative Officer may exercise the right under Section 143 of the Act and bid for the purchase by the Municipality. 

IF YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED YOUR TAX BILL, PLEASE CONTACT THE TAX OFFICE AT 1-902-742-7159 OR BY EMAIL AT This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Tax Sale Policy

Every year the Municipality of Yarmouth holds a property tax sale. Properties included in the tax sale are delinquent accounts in either property tax, sewer tax, or other relevant expenses.

To view the Tax Sale Policy in PDF format (14kb) click here.