Low Income Exemption Policy

The purpose of the Low Income Exemption Policy is to provide partial tax relief of current taxes on primary residences for low income property owners.

The amount of the exemption will be calculated at 50% of the primary residence current year’s tax bill, but only up to a maximum of $200.00, less any Federal or Provincial property tax rebates received.

You are eligible to apply for the Low Income Exemption if you meet ALL of the following criteria:

  • The applicant is a year round resident of the Municipality of Yarmouth for their primary residence which is occupied by him/her.
  • All residential taxes for previous years are paid to date and in good standing; and
  • The applicant's total household income from all sources in the preceding year (2017) was Twenty One Thousand, Three Hundred Fifty-Three Dollars and Thirty Cents ($21,353.30) or less.

Applications for a tax exemption must be received at the Municipal office in Hebron prior to May 15th of each year. Supporting documentation i.e. Notice of Assessment from Revenue Canada verifying income from all income earners residing in the household must be received no later than June 30th.

To view the Low Income Exemption Policy and application form in PDF format, click here.