Development Overview




The Municipality of Yarmouth Development Office administers municipal By-Laws relating to Planning and Development which are prepared in accordance with the Municipal Government Act. The Municipality’s Planning Strategy and Land Use By-Law, first adopted in 1984, are intended to ensure that future development throughout the Municipality is directed in such a manner to best develop the natural and man made environments for the residents. The staff in the Development Office receive and process applications for ‘Development Permits’ in accordance with the zoning provisions in the Land Use By-Law, and ‘Building Permits’ are issued in accordance with the Building By-Law and Provincial Building Code Act and Building Code Act Regulations.


All application forms for all required permits and approvals are available at the Development Office. Questions on ‘Development Permits’, Land Use permitted uses, Zoning and ‘Subdivision Approval’ can be directed to the Development Officer. Questions on ‘Building Permits’ can be directed to the Building Inspector or the Assistant Building Inpector. The Development Office is located on the lower level of the Municipal Administration Building at 932 Hwy 1 Hebron. E-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it