The Public Works team consists of the Director of Public Works, two full-time Public Works Assistants and one seasonal Public Works Assistant.  The Public Works team also consists of one full-time custodian and one part-time custodian. 

The Public Works Department maintains all municipally owned infrastructure including sidewalks and streetlights.  The Department is responsible for general maintenance of the municipal building as well as municipally owned vehicles and equipment. 

The Public Works Department is also responsible for maintenance of various collection and treatment of wastewater systems which include pumping stations as well as sewer line maintenance and repairs.

Derek Sutherland
Director of Public Works
Contact by email   or by phone  902-742-7353

John Muise
Public Works Assistant
Contact by email   or by phone  902-742-7353

Morgan Churchill
Public Works Assistant
Contact by email   or by phone   902-742-7353

Noah Deveau
Public Works Assistant   
Contact by email or by phone   902-742-7353


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