The effects of the global pandemic have been felt by all sectors of society including non-profit organizations that deliver services to the communities of MODY on an “on-going” or continual basis and rely on fundraising to operate.

The Municipality of The District of Yarmouth realizes COVID-19 has made it difficult or near impossible for these essential registered not-for-profit organizations to hold their annual fundraising events.  It is with this in mind that Council is establishing a onetime COVID-19 Non-profit Relief Fund of $50,000.

Any registered non-profit organization that operates in, or for the benefit of the residents of, MODY is eligible to apply for a one-time allotment from the fund.

To be considered applicants must:

  • Provide proof of non-profit status including registry of joint stocks number
  • Have operated for at least one year prior to March 1, 2020.
  • Commit to operating this year (2021) and demonstrate how the organization will spend the funds requested
  • List fundraising that was conducted prior to COVID-19 and the amount raised for each activity
  • List the fundraising activities that could not be modified to comply with public health regulations relating to COVID-19
  • List any events or services that could not be delivered due to public health regulations relating to COVID-19
  • Fill out the COVID-19 Non-profit Relief Fund form (be sure to include the amount requested)

To apply for this one time grant, click here and download the application. Once the application is complete, send it in an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. In the subject line of the email please indicate “COVID-19 Non-profit Relief Fund

Event based organizations do not qualify for this program.

To download an application form, CLICK HERE!