A building permit is required prior to constructing a deck but it is well worth the small investment of time and money to ensure your deck is built up to code standards and is in compliance with local regulations.  You will need to submit a completed application, a set of construction plans, and a site plan showing the location of the deck in relation to the house and property lines.  There are required specifications for height, length and width; footings, spans for deck beams; and railings.   A deck is part of your home and you want to make sure that it keeps your friends and family safe.  Obtaining a permit helps provide greater peace of mind because your fee also includes inspections at the footing stage and a final safety and completion inspection.

The Development & Inspection Department wants to work with homeowners and contractors to help make sure they are doing it right the first time, rather than starting something, realizing it has been done wrong or is missing a critical component and having to waste time and money to back track.

For more information, please contact the Development & Inspection office at 902-742-9691 or click on this link for Typical Residential Deck Construction Details.

Deck Construction