Municipal by-laws are formal pieces of legislation governing the residents, businesses and visitors to the Municipality of the District of Yarmouth.  These documents give details on topic, authority, procedure and remedy.  Significant effort and due diligence is required for the creation of legislation that is fair and enforceable.  Below is the flow chart for creating and amending municipal by-laws in Nova Scotia. Click on the small picture to enlarge it.  For more information on the by-laws of the Municipality of Yarmouth, please contact the office of the CAO.

Alternative Voting By-law   A-028-20

Building By-law  B-028-91

Deed Transfer Tax By-law  D-044-05By law Flow Chart

Dog By-law\Procedure for Barking Dogs  D-048-02

Heritage Property By-law  H-064-84

Land Use By-law

Local Improvements By-law  L-068-09

Marketing and Promotions Levy By-law  M-062-06

Mini Mobile Home Park By-law  M-068-94

Municipal Emergency Management By-law  M-061-07

Municipal Offices By-law  M-067-93

Noise By-law  N-050-03  

Property Assessed Clean Energy Program By-law  P-088-18

Service Fees for Payment Cards By-law  S-085-14

Sewer By-law  S-084-05 

Solid Waste Resource Collection and Disposal By-law S-088-02 (Repealed)

Solid Waste Resource Collection and Disposal By-law S-088-19  (Repealed)

Solid Waste Resource Collection and Disposal By-law S-088-20

South Ohio Wastewater Management By-law  S-088-97

Streets and Sidewalks By-law  S-089-12

Subdivision By-law  S-0810-97       Municipal Design Specifications Manual

Tax Exemption By-law  T-082-03

Tax Reduction By-law  T-083-01

Transient Vendor By-law  T-088-09

Water Supply Upgrade Lending Program By-law  W-1028-17     (Fillable Application Form)