Leading a physically active lifestyle is an invaluable means to support good health. The range of benefits associated to regular physical activity is amazing, some which occur within just ten minutes of exercise! Unfortunately half of Nova Scotians are not taking advantage of these benefits. To enhance active living in Nova Scotia, the Department of Health and Wellness launched a cost shared program for Municipalities, the Municipal Physical Activity Leadership Program (MPAL), in 2006. Currently over 40 municipalities within Nova Scotia participate in this program. This program helps enable Municipalities to hire an Active Living Coordinator. The role of the Activity Living Coordinator is to develop, implement, and evaluate a physical activity strategy unique to their municipality. As of April 2013 the Town and the Municipality of Yarmouth joined this cost-share program resulting in the development of this strategy.
This strategy strives to increase the number of people living in the Town and Municipality of Yarmouth who enjoy the benefits of physical activity by enabling, advocating, and encouraging active lifestyles. It was developed in consideration of relevant barriers, strengths, existing opportunities,facilities, community feedback, and with the assistance of an advisory group. Within the strategy there is a focus on five goal areas; to increase physical activity of females across the lifespan, youth ages 13-18, activity levels in rural communities, increase participation in active transportation as a lifestyle, and community awareness of ongoing opportunities and of the health benefits related to a physically active lifestyle.

This strategy was approved by the Town of Yarmouth Committee of the Whole, October 30th, 2014, the District of the Municipality Committee of the Whole October 22rd, 2014, and the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness, Active Living Branch.
The Physical Activity Strategic Plan 2014-2019 is available for viewing.