The Municipality of the District of Yarmouth has for sale by tender the following to be sold as one lot.
Items include:

Composite Monopole Tower (Self Support)- RS Pole RSP-1150-F-0209-C0000GY000 Total Length 35.05m, Embedment 4.11m, Above Ground Height 30.94m See attached photo. See link to drone footage of tower and included telecommunication equipment. Below is a list of the major items included in this lot.

•   Guy Wires
•   Pole steps
•   Cougar Fall Arrest System
•   Four-sided monopole Mount, Site Pro-
•   Antenna pipes
•   Electronic equipment cabinet
•   2 - Ubiquiti 5GHz antenna
•   2 - Alpha LTE 3GHz antenna
•   2 - BaiCells Base Station
•   2 - GPS belongs to the BaiCells Base Station
•   2 x TFK421322-200FT grey DC wire that runs from the base station down to the cabinet
•   4 x NMNMS12-030FFP black cables that connect the Base Station to the Alpha antenna

To view the tender document, please go to the following link on the Nova Scotia Procurement website: 
                                                   MODY Tower Tender