Yarmouth swim community dives in with municipal partners.

Supports Yar. Co. municipal partners plan to bridge the gap in swim programming and commitment to Mariners Centre expansion

(March 6th, 2021-Yarmouth) Access to swimming facilities and programming is undeniably a major component of recreation delivery in a community. Adequate recreation spaces, like public pools, improve the quality of life for citizens and support resident attraction. The more opportunities we have for youth within recreation the more likely we can attract new residents and ensure our community continues to grow.

The value of ensuring our youth learn to swim is a life-saving skill in a region so connected to the ocean like Yarmouth County. Before the closing of the former YMCA, there was a high demand for swim programs at the 20-yard pool. Sixteen different swim programs were being delivered by professional trainers and dedicated volunteers.

"The closing of the facility at 275 Main St resulted in many recreation gaps in our community. This has impacted many individuals, community groups, and organizations that depended on this facility for their social, mental, and physical well-being. With recent news of the Bridge Committee’s recommendation to re-open the facility at 275 Main St and monetary contributions from all three municipal units, it looks promising that those recreation gaps will be addressed. We thank everyone who has contributed to reaching this outcome and we look forward to working with the Bridge and Mariners Centre Expansion committees in the months to come.” Alix d’Entremont – Head Coach, Yarmouth Whitecaps Swim Team.

Although the pool at 275 Main St. is too small to host swim competitions, it has served our community amazingly well for many years. We want to see it maintained until a new facility is built and recognize the critical value the pool brings to our swim community, user groups and surrounding area.

We're so pleased to see our municipal partners working together to bridge the gap in swim programming at 275 Main St and their commitment to building a new aquatic facility as part of the Mariners Centre expansion. A new, larger pool will allow our community to leverage the considerable economic benefits swim competitions bring. Competitive swim meets would not only utilize a competition capable swim facility but also boost our local economy by bringing hundreds of visitors several times a year who would support hotels, restaurants and retail business in the region.

"The municipalities are showing great leadership for our community and recreation. It is clear they are committed to maintaining swim programs at 275 Main St. while moving forward with plans for a new aquatic facility at the Mariners Centre. We couldn't be happier with these recent decisions. " – Jane Cunningham, President, Yarmouth Whitecaps Swim Team.

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