The Municipality of the District of Yarmouth (MODY) is within Yarmouth County.  It surrounds the Town of Yarmouth and is adjacent to the Acadian communities of Clare and Argyle.  It is divided into seven districts, each represented by an elected councilor.  The area of the Municipality is approximately 590 km2 with a population of approximately 9,700.  Of that population, more than 40% are aged 55 and over.  This demography mirrors that of Nova Scotia as a whole. 

Direct services provided by the Municipality include land-use planning, building inspection, fire inspection, by-law enforcement, waste water and sewer system, road maintenance, recreational programs and economic development.  Finance/Corporate Services include property tax billing and collection, sewer billing, tax sales, payroll (approximately 25 employees), accounts receivable/payable, procurement, human resources and general accounting.

The Municipality of the District of Yarmouth from time to time will seek expressions of interest from service providers for a range of professional services.  At this time, the Municipality is inviting proposals for the delivery of legal services.

To view the Municipality of Yarmouth Request for Proposals - Legal Services for April 2021 through March 2026, please click on the link below:

                                  Request for Proposals - Legal Services - April 2021 - March 2026

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