Operation Bluenose:
Virtual Vigil to Reflect on Community Pride and Service
July 24-26 Iconic Structures across Nova Scotia to be Illuminated in Blue

Thank you for participating in #OperationBluenose here we include a series of items to support your activation in this meaningful virtual vigil.


The first sailing weekend of the Bluenose II, July 24-26, will provide the backdrop for Operation Bluenose, a three-night virtual vigil across the province that will showcase structures illuminated in blue light to recognize the strength of Nova Scotians and honour those we have lost this year.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, communities across the globe have been challenged in many ways. During this time, Nova Scotia also has suffered some profoundly difficult losses, including the loss of too many first responders, military members, and community citizens.

Correlating this virtual vigil with the first sailing weekend of Bluenose II is a tribute to Nova Scotia’s legacy of perseverance and capacity to overcome adversity.

This project is led by members of the Council of Honorary Colonels in Nova Scotia, and is supported by Bluenose II, 5th Canadian Division , 14 Wing Greenwood, and communities across the province including Halifax, New Glasgow, Truro and Colchester.

While the Operation is anchored in Nova Scotia, participation in the virtual vigil is encouraged from sea to shining sea. Anyone can participate simply by lighting up their homes or businesses in blue and by sharing their thoughts and images on social media using #OperationBluenose.

Participating communities and organizations that will illuminate at dusk, between 9:00 – 11p.m. on the evenings of July 24-26 include:

• Bluenose II Sails, Lunenburg (July 24th only)
• Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse
• Town of Truro
         *Town Hall, Library, Police Station
• New Glasgow
          *Glasgow Square, Fire Hall, Carmichael Park – tentative, Town Hall - tentative
• Municipality of Colchester - Portapique Church Memorial, Colchester Municipal Building, Five Islands Lighthouse, Fundy Discovery Centre (Truro), Geopark Interpretive Centre,    World War II Tower (Economy)
• Bible Hill Village Office
• Halifax City Hall
• Halifax Convention Centre
• Nova Centre
• Government House of Nova Scotia
• Citadel Hill, National Historic Site
• CN Halifax Intermodal Terminal, Port of Halifax
• Halifax Armoury
• Royal Artillery Park
• 14 Wing Greenwood

How to Participate:

1. If you simply want to light up blue in recognition of those, we have lost this will be a much-appreciated gesture as part of a virtual vigil.

2. If you are able please share or use the Operation Bluenose word mark (Above and unframed and full framed below) to indicate that your organization, business, or service unit is participating in #OperationBluenose

3. To be included in the virtual gallery please take a picture and share with the #OperationBluenose - and (While not necessary - it would be tremendous to recognize the organizing bodies of Operation Bluenose – the Army Museum and the CN Community Board.)

4. If any organization or community feels they can do an apropos socially distanced ceremony of any kind please do so and share those images, remarks, or sentiments in a social tribute to our fallen as well as our active service members.

Thank you so much for your support in this initiative we’ve all had a difficult time these past few months - this is a nice way to simply reflect, hopefully heal to a degree and turn the page in our rich history of service.

Administration and Thanks:   Operation Bluenose is administered by the Army Museum Halifax Citadel and is made possible by the generous support of CN Community Board.

A Facebook Page has been created: @Operation Bluenose for up to date information.

Safety is Paramount: All public health restrictions across any jurisdiction should be observed and encouraged through all communications related to Operation Bluenose. Similarly, we encourage sharing images of individual or public participation socially or virtually with the hashtag #OperationBluenose to ensure the project can be as inclusive as possible while observing public health measures such as social distancing.

Operation Bluenose

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