MODY Community Collaborations
Shining a Light on our Future & Project Updates

(YARMOUTH, NS - July 23, 2020) -- As we navigate our new normal, we look no further than to our very own Cape Forchu to chart our path forward. Just as our iconic lighthouse has been a beacon for seafarers for hundreds of years it has also required many modernizations over time. As a community we look to our future in the same way, building on the solid foundation of our traditional industries and working together to transform and advance our community.

MODY’s council understands that partnerships are key to developing any community project. For this reason, we are tremendously proud to be part of the joint municipal committee dedicated to making the new Mariners Centre aquatic facility expansion a reality. We know that our partners in the Town of Yarmouth and the Municipality of Argyle share in the same spirit of collaboration to bring this new infrastructure to our residents in the coming years. While the committee is tasked with developing an interim plan for community pool access, we are confident all options will be fully explored, and an alternative will be presented.

We anticipate sharing an update to our residents on contingency plans in the coming weeks. Among our key stakeholders in the Mariners centre expansion project are the provincial and federal governments. We have benefitted from their ongoing project feedback and guidance to move us closer to breaking ground. The expansion has been received positively by all those we have briefed however, like so many things there have been delays due to Covid-19. As we get back on track it is important also to recognize Minister Zach Churchill and Minister Leo Glavine for their integral support.

In keeping with MODY’s focus on teamwork we are pleased also to share that we are participating in “Yargyle 2024” which will see our region play a part in the Congrès mondial acadien, an international gathering of Acadian culture. As chair of Yargyle 2024 I will continue to share updates on the event that we know will draw global attention and visitors from near and far to our region.

While we have endured an extremely challenging time these past few months, we know our community is and always will be stronger together. I look forward to sharing more on these exciting developments with you, our proud residents of MODY.

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Victoria Brooks, CAO
Municipality of Yarmouth
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