The Nova Scotia Small Business Reopening and Support Grant provides funding to help some small businesses that were ordered to close or greatly reduce operations by Public Health Order, or that were greatly impacted by social distancing and orders to stay home.

The program is intended to help small businesses with some of the costs associated with reopening or restarting their business. It does not provide a replacement for lost revenue.

Available funding to eligible applicants includes:

*  one-time, non-repayable grant of up to $5,000
*  business continuity voucher valued at $1,500 to obtain business consulting services to adapt to the effects of COVID-19

The amount of the grant is calculated as 15% of sales revenues for either the month of April 2019, May 2019, or February 2020 (applicant chooses any one of those three months), up to a maximum of $5,000.

Your small business may apply if it:

*  Was established prior to March 15, 2020
*  Intends to reopen
*  Has experienced a year-over-year revenue decline of at least 30% from either April 2019 – April 2020 or May 2019 – May 2020
*  Falls into one of the following four eligible groups:

Group 1 – Businesses that were required to cease or substantially curtail operations under Public Health Order

Group 2 – Small Nova Scotia retailers with leased or owned commercial premises

Group 3 – Small, independent gas retailers

Group 4 – Dental offices

If your small business, non-profit, charity or other organization meets the criteria above and falls into one of the four groups, please click a button below to proceed. There may be further requirements and more detailed eligibility elements for your individual business group as the application process proceeds.

Click on the following link for information on how to apply for the Nova Scotia Small Business Reopening and Support Grant.  

Nova Scotia COVID 19 Response Council

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