In 2018, Council listed the Cape Forchu Heritage Site as one of six strategic priorities for the municipality. As a result, EDM Planning Services Ltd. was awarded the contract to create a Comprehensive Master Plan (CMP) aimed at providing direction in developing the site into a world class tourism destination while respecting the historical and community contexts of the site.

Under the direction of the Cape Forchu Steering Committee, EDM conducted several stakeholder consultations in January of this year. This series of consultations, along with background research, culminated in the presentation of a draft CMP to the Steering Committee and Council. At the June 24th meeting, Council approved the CMP and will move forward to schedule projects for the site’s development through the Municipality’s Capital Investment Plan.  Click on the following link to view the Cape Forchu Comprehensive Master Plan Final Report.   


“Council has always recognized Cape Forchu’s historical and cultural significance to the Municipality and its residences. In fact, Council made it one of its six strategic priorities back in 2018. This master plan is an important first step in developing our historic site into the world class tourist destination it deserves to be. Going forward, the Municipality of Yarmouth will select specific projects from the plan to be considered once funding from various sources becomes available.”

            * L
oren Cushing Councillor for District 6 for the Municipality of Yarmouth

“The Cape Forchu Light Station and its spectacular view has attracted a multitude of visitors since its establishment in 1840. The Cape Forchu CMP enhances the known attractions of the Cape and highlights unique features that will make it a lighthouse experience you cannot find elsewhere. At the same time, the CMP allows for the preservation and promotion of Cape Forchu’s rich history.  I am confident that implemented sensibly, these enhancements will have visitors telling everyone they know not to miss visiting Cape Forchu in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.”

                * Mike Cunningham, Former Director Friends of the Yarmouth Light

"Tourism is a major economic driver for Nova Scotia and the entire Yarmouth & Acadian Shores Region. Investment in tourism attractions like Cape Forchu will help ensure our region has more experiences for visitors that will keep them here longer and spend more. I think the plans at Cape Forchu are world-class and hope we can find a way to make them happen. The Cape Forchu Master Plan is bold and one that will help build our destination for the future. This investment will support the industry in the entire region." 

             * Neil MacKenzie, Executive Director of Yarmouth and Acadian Shores Tourism Association

“With this plan in hand, Council can begin to source funding opportunites, inform the capital investment plan and update the asset management program. This strategic approach to investment provides an important support to the work at Cape Forchu.”

              *  Victoria Brooks, Chief Administrative Officer

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