April 17, 2020

The Province of Nova Scotia has shared information with regards to COVID-19 that we should all be very happy and proud about. The latest report indicated that there were no cases in this area. That can change very quickly.

Does that mean that we must let our guard down? Absolutely not! People still travel and can bring the virus into our community. We know people from outside our area are coming to Yarmouth shopping because they believe it is "safe". This increases the risk of encountering people with the virus.

We are still in a State of Emergency. Remember the rules, we want to stay COVID-19 free.

  • If you must go into a store, always practice SOCIAL DISTANCING.
  • Choose one person from your household to do your shopping.
  • Clean your hands with hand sanitizer after shopping, wash them with soap and water as soon as you get home.
  • Handle groceries safely. It is important to wash your hands with soap and water before handling or eating food. You should also wash your fresh fruits and veggies before eating them.
  • Try to minimize the amount of time you spend at the store.
  • Make a list ahead of time.
  • Try to visit the store when it’s not too busy. Some stores are reserving special hours for seniors and people who may be immunocompromised.

Thank you and be safe!

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