The Municipality of the District of Yarmouth (MODY), in partnership with the Municipalities of the Districts of Barrington and Digby, along with the Western Regional Enterprise Network (WREN), the Province of Nova Scotia and Develop Nova Scotia are pleased to share an announcement of a major investment in Internet Infrastructure.

Rural High-speed internet is MODY Council’s #1 Strategic priority. The new infrastructure build will add service to 300 new civic addresses from Arcadia to Pinkney’s Point - communities that have been identified as underserved, having limited or no access to high speed internet. These investments will have a significant impact on the residents’ quality of life and provide a basic service to businesses. AND is the first in what is hoped to be a series of projects in MODY.

“We have been working with partners on this project for a long time – it is encouraging to see progress,” stated Daniel Allen, Councillor for District #2.

Warden Leland Anthony stated, “MODY’s $75,000 investment is leveraged with funds from the NS Internet Funding Trust and private sector investment. This type of collaboration, with support from regional agencies like the Western REN, is essential if we are going to see more than 95% of Nova Scotia homes and business access reliable high-speed internet.”

Within the next week, another call for project proposals is expected to be released by Develop Nova Scotia. MODY will continue to partner, through the WREN, with other municipalities and the private sector on high-speed internet infrastructure investments.

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