Program guidelines and application forms for the 2020-21 grant opportunities are now available under the Heritage Development Fund (Built Heritage).

How Do You Know if Your Property Qualifies for Heritage Registration?

In order for heritage registration to occur, the following work must be completed:

  *  Documentation and research
  *  Determine heritage value
  *  Establish character-defining elements

For more information, please visit the Communities, Culture & Heritage website.

Conservation Advice and Conservation Work Grants

Owners of a registered municipal heritage property (including those located within an approved municipal heritage conservation district) may apply for a conservation advice grant to support up to 50% of the costs to prepare the conservation advice report up to a maximum of $3,000. 

Only registered municipal heritage properties used either for religious worship or community, non-profit purposes are eligible, may apply for a conservation work grant to support up to 50% of the eligible conservation work costs up to a maximum of $7,500 every two years. 

Revised Program Guidelines

As outlined in the program guidelines, while formal approval cannot be provided until April 1, new application deadlines of February 15 and April 15 have been introduced for 2020-21.  After April 15, submitted applications will be assessed based on date of receipt and the program’s fiscal ability.  In all cases, the deadline to submit a final report will be November 15, 2020

Tax Rebate

In addition to the grants described above, Service Nova Scotia continues to offer a Provincial Tax Rebate (under the Sales Tax Act).  This program provides heritage property owners a full rebate of the provincial sales tax paid for eligible materials used for the repair, improvement or restoration of the exterior of a heritage property.

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