In keeping with the Municipality of the District of Yarmouth’s (MoDY) commitment to green infrastructure investment, MoDY has installed a photovoltaic solar array on its building at 28 RCom Drive in the Hebron Business Park. This solar power installation was undertaken with the full support and co-operation of our tenant, the Tri-county Regional Centre for Education, who also views this initiative as a positive way to teach by example.

The solar array became operational on October 1st, 2019 and is estimated to produce 85,000 kWh (AC) per year that will be sold to Nova Scotia Power under a twenty year purchasing agreement. The life expectancy of the solar array is projected to extend well beyond the 20 year term of the purchase agreement and will therefore continue to provide a renewable energy based revenue stream for our municipality for many years to come. The photovoltaic solar array is comprised of 253 panels each measuring 1.65m x 0.99m for a combined total of 413 square meters (4,445 square feet) which will cover approximately 74% of the roof.

Funding for this project has been provided through the Government of Canada’s Gas Tax Funding Agreement.


As MoDY moves forward with green energy initiatives we encourage our residents to avail themselves of our separate PACE program that could see them receiving financing for investments in such things as insulation, draft proofing, electric vehicle charging stations, windows & doors, heat pumps and many more energy saving measures.