June 18, 2019
Hebron, Yarmouth County, NS
For Immediate Release

Municipality of the District of Yarmouth’s Council held a Special Meeting last week on two key local initiatives. Leaders from Acadia First Nation have extended an invitation to explore a possible active transportation project that could see links from the Arcadia Corner, to Acadia First Nation and the Town of Yarmouth. At the same meeting, the Yarmouth Area Chamber of Commerce’s Community Navigator proposal was submitted for consideration.

In a unanimous vote, Council agreed to accept Acadia First Nation’s invitation to explore a project which would provide a safe corridor for active modes of transportation in the area known as the "Airport Stretch". The proposed project would serve residents who regularly move through the area to access services and community opportunities. Being approached by the leadership of the Band Council is an honor. Warden Anthony stated, "The process of exploring this project is an exciting opportunity to strengthen MODY’s relationship with Acadia First Nation."

In other important Council business, on-going investments to support doctor recruitment and retention efforts were demonstrated through Council’s decision to support, in a 5-1 vote, $20,000 toward a partnership, including the Province of NS, which would see a Community Navigator specifically for Yarmouth County medical professionals. As Council has done in other projects for several years, it is agreeing to partner the Province in a proposed project which provides important resources supporting the needs of new medical professionals seeking to settle in our region.

Council recognized the need to provide for future projects of the Doctor Recruitment Committee when it approved its annual Operating Budget which included a $45,000 provision. Earlier this spring, Council provided over $3,100 to aid in the costs of attendance at a National Anesthesiologist conference. These financial contributions, combined with MODY’s administrative support to the committee, speak to Council’s commitment in creating healthy, vibrant communities.

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Victoria Brooks, CAO