The Municipality of the District of Yarmouth is commencing Phase Two of the development of the Hebron Business Park and in addition to the creation of over 23 acres (9+/- ha) of additional serviced lots, it is looking to facilitate the establishment of several types of facilities for the benefit and enjoyment of the Park’s tenants and local residents. The Park is home to over eleven tenants that represent several industries and sectors. This results in well over two hundred employees coming to the park to work on a daily basis. In an effort to meet the needs of our tenants, the Municipality is interested in facilitating the establishment of food & beverage services in the park. Serviced lots and proper zoning are in place for such a facility so we now look to the private sector for interested parties willing to be a part of our park vision.

Commercial/For-profit organizations are welcome to submit their proposals.

Important principles that must be reflected in your vision include financial self-sufficiency, appropriateness for the area and benefit to the greater community.

More information on the REOI criteria and submission requirements can be obtained electronically by contacting the Municipality of Yarmouth and requesting the package labeled –“Request for Expressions of Interest- Food & Beverage Services – Hebron Business Park 2019”.

Requests can be by phone at 902-742-7159, or email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.