On October 15, 2018, the Municipality of the District of Yarmouth facilitated a conversation among government agencies to discuss citizen concerns around possible environmental pollution in the Port Maitland River, harbor and beach. Officials from NS Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture, NS Department of Environment, NS Department of Lands and Forestry, Minister Colin Fraser’s office, Zach Churchill, MLA and Municipal Council and staff participated in the discussion. The goal was to discuss investigative processes and generate actions that could lead to substance identification.

As a result of that call:

*  Per NS Department of Environment, all those who observe a possible environmental hazard should call the 24/7 report line at 1-800-565-1633.

*  NS Department of Lands and Forestry will be conducting follow up testing of the water and of the marsh in the area around the mouth of the Port Maitland River.

*  The Municipality of Yarmouth as well as MP Colin Fraser will be forwarding a letter to the Canadian Coast Guard requesting water testing in the harbour.

*  The Municipality of Yarmouth will solicit a third party to determine if the Port Maitland sewer treatment plant is functioning according to design (in addition to continued   effluent testing for license compliance).

The Municipality of Yarmouth encourages residents to call the NS Department of Environment at phone number 1-800-565-1633 to report contaminates in and around the wharf and beach of Port Maitland.

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