The Municipality of the District of Yarmouth, in cooperation with EMO Nova Scotia, the Municipality of Argyle and the Town of Yarmouth recognized a significant need to support residents experiencing water shortages and outages. In June the Municipality of Yarmouth began monitoring conditions and developing incremental response plans. Successfully meeting the needs of residents was the result of collaboration, cooperation and  volunteerism.

The last month has seen significant rainfall and therefore the need for a coordinated campaign is no longer required. The non-potable water supply at the Mariners Centre will be available until Friday, October 19. Drinking water, in 4 litre jugs, will be available at the following locations while supplies last: Dayton Red & White, Arcadia Convenience Store and Carleton County Outfitters. Finally, water tokens for use at the Town of Yarmouth’s Lake George Water Tower fill station will be available until Friday, November 2 , 2018. Tokens must be picked up at the Town of Yarmouth office, 400 Main Street. Municipality of Yarmouth residents are eligible for 1 fill up per civic number/week for residential use only.

The Municipality of Yarmouth wishes to thank:

*  EMO Coordinators Max Stulberger and Janine Muise
*  Municipality of Argyle
*  Town of Yarmouth
*  EMO Nova Scotia
*  Ground Search and Rescue
*  Dayton Red & White / Arcadia Convenience Store / Carleton Country Outfitters / Th'YARC / Carleton Fire Department / Mariners Centre
*  Residents for their cooperation and using water conservation to limit the effects of this dry summer

Media inquiries

Victoria Brooks, CAO